[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Vic Mensa – U Mad Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


[Intro: Vic Mensa]
Ooh I don’t need y’all either1
Ooh don’t wanna talk about it2
Ooh like I don’t, like I don’t know nobody
Like I don’t know nobody
I guess I don’t
Oh cord kord chord Vic Mensa – U Mad Lyrics kunci gitar you mad, huh?3
Oh you mad, huh?
Oh you mad, huh?

[Verse 1: Vic Mensa]
She gon’ be mad right? Ain’t that too bad, right?4
Wanna catch that cab, right? Take back that bag, right?5
I guess that she just gon’ go buy herself that purse, that purse
I guess that she just gon’ go swipe, buy her self worth, that’s cold6
Now I’m the villain, no really I’m just chillin’7
Tryna stack these 20s, 50s, hundreds, millions, to the ceilin’8
Mary, Mary all I need, pussy, money, weed9
And all my women in doubles, I’m at the DoubleTree10
All I hear hoes callin’ out wildin’, on the road like every day
We everywhere, any day and anywhere that the money say11
No questions, no questions please, just on your knees
Blow, don’t sneeze, bitch shut up, don’t breathe12
Gasp, on the gas, ’til I crash,13 autopsy said that nigga mashed
All praise to Allah, not Ramadan but these bitches fast
Fuck in the party, pull up her skirt, then skrrr15
Who her? I forgot her name

[Hook: Vic Mensa]
Ooh like I don’t, like I don’t know nobody
Ooh like I don’t, like I don’t know nobody
Ooh like, ooh like I don’t know nobody
Like I don’t know nobody, like I don’t know nobody
Oh you mad, huh?
I guess I don’t
Oh you mad, huh?
Oh you mad, huh?
Oh you mad, huh?

[Verse 2: Kanye West]
There go another lawsuit16
In court so much, man I should’ve went to law school
Everybody brawlin’, it was all cool
‘Til I hit the bartender with the barstool17
I don’t fuck with fake dudes wearin’ fake Trues18
I just talked to 2 Chainz and he said, “TRUUU!”
I feel like MJ, I’m in his shoes
I’m talkin’ Montell Jordan, this is how we do19
Bust a nigga head and then I lay low20
These niggas ass-water, get the Drano
She lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Vic Mensa – U Mad Lyrics download mp3 ain’t really bad, she a photo thot
I should hire this bitch, she so damn good at Photoshop
That Lexapro got me drowsy than a heart attack21
I think they finally think got me where they want me at
I got 700 emails in my inbox
What that mean? I ain’t callin’ nobody back


[Verse 3: Vic Mensa]
I be catchin’ too many stares this evening, God fearin’ but God knows I’m on a roll22
At the Louvre in Paris, still be on the block like a corner store
Ain’t my fault you ain’t the man, made a plan, man it was planned
They sleeping on me like long flights, I pop a Xan on the way to France23
Paparazzi like, “Oh that’s him!”, pour that gin, let’s get chords Vic Mensa – U Mad Lyrics lyrics faded24
Drinkin’ like it’s no tomorrow, what’s today? I’m in the Matrix25
Hater, please let me live my life, swear to God I be tryna do right
But if she bad I might hit a bitch in the elevator like Ray Rice26
Uh, y’all pay the price, I pay the difference, it’s just different
SAVEMONEY, ain’t nothin’ different, gunshots and jumpin’ fences
Hold on I’m tryna get loose, please don’t get shit confused27
Ask Don C, I’ve been lit, this ‘Ye shit just lit the fuse
Now I’m on fire, everybody go quiet
Like where was you last week? My nigga the fuck was you hidin’?
Like I was laying on my arm I’m on my side
South side, I’m down to start a riot28