[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Dom Kennedy - Pleeze lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


[Verse 1: Dom cord kord chord Dom Kennedy - Pleeze lyrics kunci gitar Kennedy]
And we.. hang on the corner like chords Dom Kennedy - Pleeze lyrics lyrics a lamp post
Mom favorite singer Mr. Vandross
Yeeain’t wanna search through my Jansport
“Dom take this rent up to the landlord”
’95 Windsor Hills city lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Dom Kennedy - Pleeze lyrics download mp3 champ
Hit over right, got my city stamped
The 439 was my city van
Nigga hella cool, but don’t get em amped
Shit, we try to live the best of it
So take what you need and leave the rest of it
Write your goals down, what you expect from it?
Baby on the way, keep them checks coming
Streets real hard, but the test wasn’t
Should’ve went to class with the rest of em
But fuck it, now my name with the best of em
Woo!, he 19 in the Lex thuggin’
Made a right turn on my old street
Niggas outside, chillin’ lowkey
It’s 12:47 Mr. Police
Fuck it, helicopters get no sleep
Pillow on my head tryna drown it out
You can call me when you’re down and out
When the cops come and surround the house
Crenshaw niggas run the town, I’m out

[Chorus: Dom Kennedy]
Please make it home safe [x3]
Just make it home safe
Yup [x4]

[Verse 2: Nipsey Hussle]
Deader than the J’s off of August St
Pops drove a turqoise 280 Z
Playing Tracy Chapman, we was watching “Heat”
Shoot out in the alley make it hard to sleep
59th & 5th at my Granny house
Uncle Reggie spilling Schultz on my Granny couch
The lesson was never go the addict route
Ya deal with mines? I probably pull an automatic out
60th & 10th, cable with the chip
12 gauge behind the door’ll blast you where you sit
I told them I would do it, talked a lot of shit
Came back home after all the trips
Pillow on their head tryna drown it out
You can still call me if you down and out
When the cops come and surround the house
Crenshaw niggas run the town, I’m out



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